Building the Future of Payments With RippleNet’s VP of Engineering

Amidst the work-from-home environment, Vidya Mani joined Ripple in early 2020 as the Vice President of Engineering for RippleNet. A year into her role, she focuses on improving Ripple’s infrastructure and strengthening her team to further the company’s vision for a more inclusive financial system. ... Read More

RippleNet Engineering's Inclusive Language Initiative: Part 1

In 2020, Ripple accelerated our efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion throughout the company. As part of this commitment, we are sharing RippleNet Engineering's initiative to replace language in our codebase that does not align with the reality in which we collectively want to live. ... Read More

Building CI/CD with Airflow, GitLab and Terraform in GCP

As the Ripple Data Engineering team expanded it needed to programmatically enforce software engineering best practices. The team created a CI/CD pipeline that automatically validates and tests new features for data applications in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). ... Read More