Dactyl: A Truly Heroic Doc Tool

At Ripple, we we've found several advantages to having a home-grown doc tool as part of our "docs as code" approach. We also open-source it. ... Read More

Ask any good engineer what goes into writing robust software and they’ll tell you that timely feedback is critically important. Over the years, engineers have developed all ... Read More

Q&A: Intern Alumni: Ami Zou

Ami Zou Where did you go to school?The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill What was your favorite class there?Programming wise, I found Algorithms, Security, ... Read More

Day one of PyCascades 2020 (image credit: https://twitter.com/pycascades/status/1226365461064896512)Earlier this month, I was fortunate to attend PyCascades 2020 in Portland. The speakers discussed ... Read More