Generating Cryptocurrency Addresses with Micro-controllers

Here at ripple we work hard to solve hard problems. But we like to have fun, experiment and goof off a little bit too. Sometimes we come up with crazy science fair-ish ideas and, even when they have dubious practical application, implement them. ... Read More

Reading Secrets in the Clouds

Coming up with a way to retrieve encrypted secrets from a cloud-based security solution using a workflow that involves applications and services in both clouds (AWS, GCP) and doing it all securely—that’s an immense challenge. ... Read More

Q&A: Intern Alumni: Chloe Zirbel

Interning at Ripple exposed me to new tools and technologies that I didn’t have any prior experience working with, which was both exciting and challenging. ... Read More

Dactyl: A Truly Heroic Doc Tool

At Ripple, we we've found several advantages to having a home-grown doc tool as part of our "docs as code" approach. We also open-source it. ... Read More

Q&A: Intern Alumni: Ami Zou

Ami Zou Where did you go to school? The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill What was your favorite class there? Programming wise, I found Algorithms, Security, ... Read More