Building Ripple: Engineering Spotlight Pt. 1

Ripple has always embraced the pursuit of big ideas, so it’s no surprise that our engineering teams are equally as ambitious.

At Ripple you can choose your own adventure: with RippleNet, get in at ground zero to build the enterprise-grade global payments system for a future powered with crypto; with RippleX, be on the frontlines of web3 with cutting-edge blockchain technology and impactful blockchain use cases.

Both teams are forging new paths in the crypto industry, and our engineers turn these goals into reality.

In this two-part series, you’ll hear from both sides of Ripple engineering, but we’re starting with RippleX engineers who are building innovative applications and contributing to the utility of the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Jas Takhar, Head of RippleX Engineering, has seen first-hand the evolution of blockchain and crypto since joining the team last summer.

“This industry’s moving so fast that RippleX is the place that we want engineers to come and really build the future,” says Jas.

At RippleX, engineers can both ideate and execute on solutions to complex, real world problems. And with institutions beginning to realize the positive impacts that blockchain technology can have on existing infrastructures, engineers can see what they’ve built come to life.

While not all Ripple engineers have experience working in blockchain or crypto, adaptability and an eagerness to learn are equally as valued as a niche background. From day one, engineers are empowered to grow through a combination of support, transparency and autonomy.

“You really are in charge of your own career here,” notes Jas.

Data Scientist Shae Wang joined RippleX to advance her career and develop her skills in a fast-paced environment. She notes how impactful it’s been to see different styles of leadership welcomed across the company. This has helped her accept her own leadership style as valuable — she doesn’t feel compelled to change or adapt to fit a certain mold.

Not only are different styles of management valued at RippleX, employees from all levels of the organization are encouraged to share their input. RippleX Engineer CJ Cobb says, “I talk to managers that are several levels above me, and they listen to me and I can see the things I say shape their thoughts and their opinions and the path forward.”

There’s a mutual understanding and excitement that we are all entering this industry on the ground floor, driving meaningful change with cutting-edge technology by building blockchain applications that will shape the future of entertainment, finance, health and more.

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